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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Have you cleaned the dryer vent in your home this year?neglecting this can cause Air conditioning problems and could be a fire hazard!!!

The best advice on cleaning the Dryer Vent is CLEAN IT TODAY! Dryer vents should be cleaned yearly! We run into people everyday who have never had it done. More times than you would believe customers we meet had a number of signs that they needed to clean the dryer vent!

Signs that maybe you need to clean the dryer vent:

  1. The Dryer takes more than one cycle to dry your clothes.
  2. Water is coming out of the wall behind the dryer from the moisture. (This is because the vent shaft is clogged and getting hot with no ventilation to the trap on the roof).
  3. Dryer is not getting hot! The heating element in the dryer may have gone bad.
  4. We hope this never happens but a clogged dryer vent can lead to a fire!
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Fires can Happen to you! call Us!

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Call us to clean the dryer vent today! We clean up the areas behind the dryer (and the washer). We change out the vent kit that connects your dryer to the shaft. After that we insure that you have good air flow to the roof or outside the wall before we leave. We always go the extra mile to insure things are cleaned up when finished!